Saturday, April 23, 2016

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West Papuans have significant cultural affinities with the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea.[citation needed] As in Papua New Guinea the peoples of the highlands have distinct traditions and languages from peoples of the coast, though Papuan scholars and activists have recently detailed cultural links between coast and highlands as evidenced by close similarity of family names. In some parts of the highlands, the koteka (penis gourd) is worn by males in ceremonies. The use of the koteka as everyday dress by Dani males in Western New Guinea is still common.


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Elegant Ivory Bridal Sash

In today’s society many brides want the traditional white or ivory bridal gown, especially if they are having a big wedding ceremony, but on the other hand they want to make their wedding gown unique to them. Yes, a bride can add embellishments to their gowns in the form of jewelry, seed bead decorations, unique pearl buttons, lace, etc but there is another way and that is to add a bridal sash. A bridal sash is worn around the waist of the bride and sometimes they are also worn by the members of her bridal party. Before adding a bridal sash to your wedding dress there is some things that you need to make sure of such as the color, how much do you want to spend on a bridal sash, does it look good with your wedding dress, does it fit your body type, and should there be some type of adornment on it.

When you are shopping for that special wedding gown the sales clerk in the store or your wedding planner if you are using one can give you some sound advice as to the answers to all of these questions. Because this is going to add to the cost of your wedding gown and possibly to the expense of the bridesmaid and matron of honor dresses you want to make sure that you choose a bridal sash that will flatter the body sizes of you and your wedding party. A bridal sash can cost from thirty dollars and up depending on where you get it from, the style, any embellishments, and type of material used.

In regards to the wedding dress you want to make sure that the bridal sash accents your wedding dress. If you wedding gown is simple and plain you should look for a bridal sash that is a little more lavish and dramatic but you want to make sure that it does not make the wedding gown look over the top.

If you have a short torso you want to make sure that you do not make you look any shorter by dividing the wedding gown in half with a bridal sash of a contrasting color. You would want to make sure that you are choosing a bridal sash that is similar to the color of your wedding gown. The bridal sash should flatter your body type whether it is pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass shaped, short or tall. You want to be beautiful and elegant looking on your wedding day so make sure that you try on several to find the right one

Thursday, April 21, 2016

10 Best Android Game Offline, Cool & Newest

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Game offline android named best first Asphalt 8: Airborne. This game has been very popular win in nearly all parts of the world including in Asia. Best android offline games will transplant to follow arcade racing by having a different kind of car. In addition, the graphical display owned this game very well.
2. Assassin's Creed Pirates (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Game offline android hereinafter the Assassin's Creed Pirates. This game is already quite popular, especially for those of you using android. In addition, the game has a android offline gameplay, audio and processing garfis excellent. Offline games this one will invite you to explore the Caribbean sea, ship building, against the evil enemy, and must prepare the crew.

3. Cars: Fast as Lightning (DOWNLOAD HERE)

As for its next offline game Cars: Fast as Lightning. This game is one game that is taken from the title of the movie Card. For those of you who liked the character of Pixar, you should try this one game offline. Game offline android has been presenting 20 different cars, in addition to the display effect used this game is 3D.
4. Despicable Me (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Despicable Me is one of the best android offline game that is suitable for use by children and adolescents. This android offline game will take you to run without end by having a varied obstacles and barriers. In addition, the display garfis owned game is quite good.
5. Ice Age Village (DOWNLOAD HERE)

For offline games next best android that is Ice Age Village. This game is perfect for those who like the ancient world, the article offline game will take you into the Ice Age characters like Sid, Ellie, Manny and Diego. In addition, the game Ice Age Village's own challenges and obstacles that quite exciting that you need to accomplish.
6. Townsmen (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Game offline hereinafter the Townsmen. Offline games this one is a simulation game that will invite you to take care of the beautiful metropolis lush. , you also have to take care of the community's economy. If you are curious about the game offline, can you please try.
7. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Perhaps to the android users, offline game Plants vs. Zombies 2 is already familiar sounding ears because this game is already very popular android user. Best android offline game will take you play battle between zombies with plants. except, graphics processors, which carried the game is very unique and interesting.
8. Zenonia 5 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Game Zenonia 5 is a game that does not use the Internet for play or often called the game offline. Game offline android is one of the most excellent RPG action game in the Google Play Store. This game will take you to fight against the enemies in battle. Except you can also have your main character to use as the Wizard, Berseker, Paladin and Mechanic.
9. Puzzle Retreat (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Puzzle Retreat is one game offline games android presenting beams. Please take the blocks correctly in order to solve the puzzle. To play this game offline android must have the patience level is high enough, because to solve the puzzle long enough.
10. Finga Dragon (DOWNLOAD HERE)

While the offline game last android named Drogon Finga. The offline game is already very popular and has been downloaded millions of users of smartphones android. Android offline game is one game kungfu very unique and exciting, Except characters contained in this game is very unique and funny. You are curious about the best android offline games this one?
So is that we can present to you the Top 10 Android Game Offline and Recent 2015, may be the best android offline game can entertain you.....


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Islamic Art in my view is the most beautiful! A lot of my friends’ P.Cs have started to glow with Islamic Wallpapers, whether that be on a MAC or a PC.

One thing they have in common is that it usually features a verse from the Quran with excellent blends of colours etc. Since there are literally 100s of articles or collections of Islamic Wallpapers, for now I want to showcase exceptional  Islamic Wallpapers which you can download for free.

Many people have many reasons for having Islamic wallpapers, some like to have it so that it reminds them of their Creator, some because they love Islam so much that everything of theirs is related to it. But I think many of my friends like to have it because it just simply looks beautiful for me that is a good enough reason, even more now because these  Islamic Wallpapers are very beautiful 🙂

As you will see these have an excellent mixture of colours in HD quality and it does look and feel like as if it is about to come out of your desktop screen and best of all, it is absolutely free to download.

These are background wallpapers that have verses of the Quran, name of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) and other abstract designs on it so you won’t get bored of looking at it. Incase you want something different you may like these Islamic wallpaper which can also be used as desktop backgrounds