Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Islamic Art in my view is the most beautiful! A lot of my friends’ P.Cs have started to glow with Islamic Wallpapers, whether that be on a MAC or a PC.

One thing they have in common is that it usually features a verse from the Quran with excellent blends of colours etc. Since there are literally 100s of articles or collections of Islamic Wallpapers, for now I want to showcase exceptional  Islamic Wallpapers which you can download for free.

Many people have many reasons for having Islamic wallpapers, some like to have it so that it reminds them of their Creator, some because they love Islam so much that everything of theirs is related to it. But I think many of my friends like to have it because it just simply looks beautiful for me that is a good enough reason, even more now because these  Islamic Wallpapers are very beautiful 🙂

As you will see these have an excellent mixture of colours in HD quality and it does look and feel like as if it is about to come out of your desktop screen and best of all, it is absolutely free to download.

These are background wallpapers that have verses of the Quran, name of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) and other abstract designs on it so you won’t get bored of looking at it. Incase you want something different you may like these Islamic wallpaper which can also be used as desktop backgrounds

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